Introducing Stream... the First Globally Available Apple MFi Approved Qi Wireless Charging Case!

refines and redefines the experience of charging your phone with a truly wireless and cordless charger that actually enhances your environment

brings the streamlined elegance of wireless charging to iPhone 5s/5 with a sleek and sophisticated design

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Pond Wireless Charging


Pond offers the worry-less charging experience. Set your phone down to charge in a natural carefree interaction, with no worries over having the right cable with you, fumbling to attach the cables, searching for power outlets or trying to hide ugly plugs and cords.


iPhone 5 & 5s owners can now experience high-performance Qi wireless charging, joining owners of over 60 top smartphones supporting Qi, like Google's Nexus 4, 5 & 7, Samsung Galaxy S & Note, Motorola Droid, LG G2/G3, Sony Z2, and Nokia Lumia lines.


Pond and Pond Duo's artful design and cordless functionality allow them the versatility to be displayed anywhere you like, from entry way tables to coffee tables to your desk. Set down your phone, keys, wallets, and more and your phone will be charged and ready to go when you are.

Pond Charging Tray

A wireless phone charger like you've never seen. Show it off on your entry table or desk. Set your keys, wallet, and phone on it. Your phone will be charged and ready to go when you are!

Pond Wireless Charging Products

STREAM wireless charging Apple MFi approved cover
The first globally available Apple MFi approved Qi wireless charging case for iPhone 5s/5, featuring the highest charging current of the Qi specification (up to 1 amp) enabling the 5/5s to wirelessly charge at peak speed on the Pond or any Qi compliant charger.

POND wireless charging elegant valet trays
Artful Qi wireless charging bases for the home or office. Danish design and precision craftsmanship combine with peak performance to create a work of functional beauty. Truly cordless and wireless charging means no ugly power cords or cables hanging around. Being untethered can be a beautiful thing.

Pond Wireless Charging Available Online

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